"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted
influence, whether sought or unsought by the military-industrial complex." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

"…major combat operations in Iraq have ended." - George W. Bush
on May 1, 2003 aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

"Though the object of being a Great Power is to be able to fight a Great War, the
only way of remaining a Great Power is not to fight one." - historian A. J. P. Taylor

Over 330,000 men were classified as draft evaders in World War I.

By the end of the Vietnam War, 7 million tons of bombs had been dropped on Vietnam,
more than twice the total bombs dropped on Europe and Asia in World War II.

"For every 'whopper' served to the American civilian, a whole menu of 'whoppers'
is prepared for the American soldier." - T.C., on active duty in the military

"Please give me a reason to support my boss while my fellow brothers and sisters in arms are dying in a war
that seems to be for nothing more than financial gain and power." - SSG Ben Barlow, serving in the USAF

"The voluntary army is based on trust. We trust the heads of the four forces to never ask us to do anything that they
wouldn't do themselves, or haven't done themselves in the past. We trust them to be the wise soldiers that they are,
soldiers who don't invite war. Nobody loves peace like a soldier, they say." - Bob Schaefer, who joined the army at 17

"The world is not, and will not be a safer place after Iraq. We have more likely created more Osama Bin Laden, and
will be fighting them long after we have tried to forget about the Bush presidency." - Ray Perkins, a 4 year veteran

"Military recruiters prey on the young, vulnerable men and women, constantly lying to these new recruits, filling their mind
with false information such as, 'You'll never go to war,' or 'You can leave whenever you want.'"- Z.M., an air force veteran

"I sent letters to soldiers telling them about Vietnam and the difference between hell and war, that both were places
that would rob you of your soul. No one listened." - Thomas Young, who served two tours in Vietnam