xxxxxxxxxxxx published in the fall of 2009

Mirror, Mirror,
On My Car

Just like the cover of this book, truth is
black and white. The way we live our lives,
relative to it, is more accurately described as
gray. Mirror, Mirror On My Car takes a look
at what truth is and how we find it. There is
special emphasis on how it affects a writer
whether in books or in the news. As the
book illustrates, truth is a complicated matter.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx This issue of Mother Jones
magazine gets into the opposite
of truth - lies. You can read any
article by going to the link:
science vs junk science
overpaid CEOs
BP oil disaster

Edward Ball's book is somewhat
puzzling to me since he's talking
about genealogy and using it for
uncovering some truths. However,
it certainly applies to truth as well
as the science vs junk science idea.
At the same time, my family tree
and all the research involved was
interrupted before and this book
helps in only some small ways - not
exactly what I had hoped for when
I picked the book at the library.

Here are a few movies that I watched after my
book was published. They all are quite relevant.

This is a great love story that is based
on the premise that no one is allowed
to lie. Do you really want to live in a
society where everyone is completely
The Invention of Lying

xxxxxxxxxx There have been many cures for cancer for quite some
time. This movie chronicles the work done by Dr. Max
Gerson back in the early part of the twentieth century.
He died by being poisoned. Dr. Gerson's efforts are
astonishing and well documented. I began reading his
book, A Cancer Therapy at the end of November
2009. You can do your part by spreading the word on
this wonderful, uplifting film. It willl upset you while
simultaneously give you hope.
The Beautiful Truth

In the Name of the Father chronicles the
incarceration of Gerry Conlin and three of his
friends, known as the Guildford Four, who are
accused of being terrorists. Conlon's family is
locked up as well. Wrongly accused, Conlon -
brilliantly portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis -
fights back with the help of a fiercely dedicated
lawyer (Emma Thompson.)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In the Name of the Father

Vince Rizzo is a corrections
officer, better known as a
prison guard on City Island.
Vince has a secret, actually
more than one. His secrets
aren't the only ones among
his family and friends. When
secrets come out, people
may be shamed and offended,
bit the truth finally surfaces.
City Island xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx