xxJust about everyone plays the lottery games, hoping to strike it rich. The odds against winning are astronomical. But what would occur if a lotto game happened to be fixed? The chances of taking home the big prize would now be almost zero, even less than before. This is the tale of just that possibility.
xxRepresentative Tom Brown is down by 10 percent in the presidential polls to Senator Jim Collins. A suspicious murder in Baltimore of an apparent mistress of Collins turns things around and Brown, who many don't really trust, becomes the new president. Soon he proposes a national lottery and before long people are betting and winning at LOTTO, maybe too many. Meanwhile, John Kuzinski, a computer consultant in Buffalo who doesn't gamble or play the lottery, accidentally gets involved in it. He doubts the veracity of the game and before long a few more murders occur, of people he knew. Kuzinski wishes he had never gotten involved.
xxThis is a novel about politics, gambling, deception, technology, fear and food. It is fiction and the characters are not real, but the information contained within dealing with odds, statistics, computers and lotteries are fact. If you play the lottery, by all means read this book. Even if you are not a gambler, you should still be enlightened and have a new outlook about games of chance.

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Infinity Publishing: ISBN: 0-7414-1500-3xx May 2003x$11.95