A Compilation of Idiocies, September 10, 2005, Midwest Book Review
Ever wonder why the United States Government is so deep in debt? It could
be that they spent $297 million for three chain saws. This and other acts
of idiocy can be found in Robert S. Swiatek's latest book of humor, for 
seeing eye dogs only. Within its pages are quotes, clippings, and 
observations about how stupid people can really be. For instance, did you
hear about the robber whose gun jammed, so he turned it around to look 
down the barrel and see what the problem was? The second time, the gun 
worked. My favorite section in for seeing eye dogs only as the church 
bulletin snafus and misprints. For example, "Attend and you will hear an
excellent speaker and heave a healthy  lunch." These hilarious tidbits, 
along with Swiatek's commentary, had me rolling.
While many of the items in the book were new to me, there were also quite
a few things I had seen or heard before in various emails, books, and in 
general conversation. Nevertheless, I was happy to see the funnier ones 
again for memory refreshment purposes. For a hilariously entertaining read, 
check out for seeing eye dogs only. I guarantee at least a chuckle or two. 
Reviewed by CandaceK of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxForeword Magazine Finalist 2005

Even my dog likes it..., July 19, 2008, Stacy Price, Seattle
When I need a break from the "serious news" I turn to this
book. Bob's take on things is indeed a chuckle. My dog is
quite amused when I laugh out loud to my favorite passages.

Aventine Press – June 2005
San Diego, CA  – $11.50
ISBN: 1-59330-282-7

Administration and Congress stymied by missing intelligence.

Some things never change