published September 2008

Take Back the Earth
a finalist in the Indie Excellence 2007 Book
Awards, may be Swiatek’s most important
book. Wise men have stated that the earth
does not belong to us. Yet, governments
and corporations have acted as though
there were no end to the resources of the
land or in the oceans. Over the last half
century, our planet has been besieged by
the disasters of Chernobyl, Three Mile
Island, Bhopal, Love Canal, the Exxon
Valdez, Katrina and the list seems to
never end. Unless we take action now,
we’ll have no place to live. Fortunately,
we have the ingenuity to come up
with solutions and
Take Back the Earth

Swiatek Press xxISBN: 0-9817843-1-3 xxx$12.95
x Mark Ruffalo on PBS fracking: it's been a gas
For many years public-spirited citizens throughout the country have been working for the conservation of the natural
resources, realizing their vital importance to the Nation. Apparently, their hard-won progress is to be wiped out, as a
politically minded administration returns us to the dark ages of unrestrained exploitation and destruction. It is one of the
ironies of our time that while concentrating on the defense of our country against enemies from without, we should be
so heedless of those who would destroy it from within." - Rachel Carson in a letter to the Washington Post, April 1953

xx An ideal choice for readers concerned about the environment,
February 6, 2009
- Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
No host would have someone who exploited, littered, and destroyed their homes, yet humanity
continues to trash the earth. Take Back the Earth: The Dumb, Greedy Incompetents
Have Trashed It
is the winner of the 2007 Indie Excellence Book award, and Swiatek
demonstrates why. Explaining with humor and enlightenment the environmental issues we face
today, "Take Back the Earth" is an ideal choice for readers concerned about the environment.