xxxx published September 2007

30/15 NOW

Until a short time ago, the minimum wage hadn't been
increased in almost a decade. It is now at a bit below $6
an hour, but how can anyone survive on that with the cost
of everything today? Now is the time to raise it to $15 an
hour - and not in increments of ten cents each year for the
next hundred years.
While we're at it, it is also time for a thirty hour - yes 30 -
workweek since even forty hours per week only results in
health problems and very little productivity. In 1933, the
Senate approved a bill for a thirty-hour workweek and the
House was set to do the same but FDR didn't like the idea.
Now is the time to pass it, even if it is almost 75 years late.
Both suggestions will result in benefits to those who
struggle in our society while at the same time increase
company profits. Just like drugs, there will be side
effects, but these will be good ones that we can live with.

I used up all my sick
days, so I called in dead

The Labor Movement - "The folks
who brought you the weekend."

Everyone could use more Fridays

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