xx Smart People? Smarter Animals is about two-legged as well as
four-legged beings. It's concerned with pets, animals in the wild, zoos
and rescue facilities, from ants to the great white whale. The book is
about heroes, the environment, communication, devotion and caring.

When Strongheart was to stay at Allen Boone's home for a few days,
the shepherd was given instructions, then entered the house, looked
around and went outside, doing the same. Eventually he licked Allen, in
approval. Chantek was an orangutan at the University of Tennessee who
couldn't talk, but could sign. He used tools, did cleaning and could point
you to the Dairy Queen. Alex, the African Grey Parrot, could not only talk
but also precisely imitate people's voices and emit authentic sounds, some
truly annoying. These are only three examples of many amazing creatures
in the book. Do animals have as much intelligence as man? I hope that
Smart People? Smarter Animals will answer that question.

Alex the African Grey xx Chantek the orangutan xx Graycie the Grey
available at Talking Leaves Books in Buffalo (716) 837-8554

check it out at the library in Tampaxxx
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