The only consideration for this recipe is the fact that you need to eat all of

this when you make it. Here is one instance in which leftovers arenít better

the next day. The dish will lose its flavor when you place the tomatoes

into the refrigerator. However, if you leave it out, the sauce will get to

the point of spoiling. You can try storing overnight in a cool place.


Angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes††††††† Serves 4


6 large tomatoes

3 tbsp. dried basil

4 tbsp. olive oil

freshly ground pepper

Ĺ cup green olives, chopped

1 tbsp. dill relish

1 clove garlic, minced

1 lb. Angel hair pasta



Early in the morning, quarter each tomato and slice as thinly as possible.

Put into a glass bowl and add remaining ingredients, except for pasta.

Toss well and store until dinnertime. Again, donít refrigerate. Cook

pasta according to package directions.Drain and put into a large bowl.

Pour tomato sauce over pasta and toss. Serve.